Customer’s Reviews


“Holiday was amazing – sights and sounds were so different to home. Loved the Yoga,food and people.”

 Gillian Townson from Solomon Islands.

“Best trip we have ever had! Fantastic guide, amazing Yoga instructor, interesting sites to visit, good accommodation and reasonably priced. Looking forward to booking our next trip with Soulfit Journey. Excellent, in all areas!!!”

 Keith Scully from New Zealand.

“Planning a trip to India i would definitely recommend booking this tour – you cover the history and modern day life in India along with festival. We saw and learnt so much about the country in a short space of time. The holiday was relaxing, stress free and great fun! Thank you.”

 Lisa Grzan from United States.

“This tour lived up to all my expectations and more! I really feel that i saw so many off the beaten track experiences that i never would of had or been brave enough to do travelling as a single female. I loved the Holi experience in Vrindavan which was probably the highlight.”

 Sally Mayberry from Australia.

“Fantastic tour! Great way to get a good experience of India – within a short time. The main attraction is obviously the Taj Mahal under full moon – but all of the other activities were incredible as well. I was nervous about doing a tour as a single female, but it was an overall great experience.”

 Limin Koh from Argentina.

“This trip was amazing, I learnt so much about the vast cultures and religions in India, I saw things for how they really were. The atmosphere is incredible and I can’t wait to return.”

 Kristen Bourrillion from United States.

“As a group of four women we loved this trip. There were 11 travelers in total and we all got along really well. Our tour guide, Akhi, was full of knowledge and very friendly and approachable. The itinerary was on point and the Vrindavan stay was absolutely amazing, an experience we will never forget. We also felt safe at all times and if ever we needed to use the ATM or separate from the group for a moment, he would be sure to stand with us so we felt secure.”

 Laura Mures from Spain.

"This was a great trip for someone who wants to have a little less of a touristy experience and a little more of a cultural experience. You still get the safety of traveling in a group and with a knowledgeable guide, and you get to see all the important tourist destinations, but there are a lot of extra experiences thrown in that you would not be able to see if you planned a trip alone as a foreigner”

 Lisa Foy from Canada.