Practicing yoga doesn’t mean sticking to excruciating macrobiotic diets, enduring arduous sessions with a yoga guru or requiring various degrees of material renunciation. Practicing yoga on a Soufit Journey means experiencing a slice of nirvana, even if “peace, love, and light” isn’t your mantra.

Soulfit Rejuvenation

Imagine: you return from your vacation renewed and refreshed, looking and feeling like you really have had some time away. At work, you find yourself having a stronger sense of purpose and a feeling of authenticity that permeates all professional relationships. At home, you find yourself being more the person you want to be: strong, energetic and aware. What does this sound like? It sounds like you just returned from a retreat specializing in meditation and yoga. Think clean fresh air, good simple food, no disorder or distraction; just time to unwind and get reacquainted with yourself. Far from being a “new age” fad, yoga retreats at Soulfit Journey is a way to reconnect with the simple process of ‘being’. Returning from a Soulfit Journey yoga retreat will help you feel relaxed yet rejuvenated, centred and serene, and you will return to your life knowing how to maintain your new sense of self and feel centred and balanced when back in the hustle and bustle of your everyday life.

Soulfit tours

Each Soufit trip is a unique celebration of life created by our experienced experts. We take you to destinations that speak for themselves, but with a knowledgeable team to speak some more. We don’t just bring you somewhere to do yoga, we integrate the movement that brings you there, we interact with the culture that defines where we are and we embrace the nature that so humbly embraces us. We want you to feel the freedom of life that travel invites. We’ll set the stage but we’ll keep you safe.

Soulfit insight

Soulfit Journey’s staff all share common threads: a love of culture, love of yoga, love of adventure, and love of community. We want to help you intensify your personal yoga practice, but we also want you to truly experience India & Nepal through the food, languages, customs, architecture, history, and people. Traveling with Soulfit Journey you’ll go beyond the typical tourist retreat and have a true-life yoga escape and escapade. At Soulfit Journey tours, our travelers are encouraged to open up and allow themselves to stretch and breathe whilst immersed in picturesque open-air settings where they learn about the local commerce, culture and community. Soulfit Journey tours not only focus solely on site history or facts but also provides a one-of-a-kind experience for patrons looking to connect with their bodies to discover the beauty within them, while discovering the beauty around them.

Soulfit yoga adventure

Travel may be what links our trips together, but yoga is the inspiration that seeps into every aspect of our trips and our company. Because we do not limit ourselves to one type of yoga, we are able to offer an abundance of opportunities to explore all the varieties of yoga that surrounds us. The humbling quality that yoga instills in us helps guide us through the world with an open mind. We believe that this open mind is the key to filling our worlds with happiness and sharing that happiness with those whose worlds we help fill. The combination of the wealth of experience and an ever-growing awareness of the self in both yoga and travel makes for a potent experience in which the yoga and travel feed off each other and often inspire transformation.

Soulfit Journey propels the traveler to explore the beating hearts and the charming nooks and crannies of the cities we visit but also within our own minds and bodies. Our yogic based travels and tours begin with beginner-level poses and meditation guidance that gradually becomes more energized and engaging before ending with a calming cool down and meditation.

Soulfit Meditation

Practicing meditation is one of the most essential and engaging, yet challenging and complex practices and processes that the human mind can be engaged in. More than just sitting in a quiet place and concentrating, meditation means being able to turn one’s mind towards the Supreme Being. Through persistent effort in following the path of virtue, meditation can direct the mind to gradually develop the necessary inwardness to contemplate consciousness and develop devotion to the divine. In its truest sense, meditation and mindfulness practice is not the beginning of one’s spiritual life but the end of it, as it is regarded as the last of all spiritual disciplines.

Soulfit wellness

Soulfit Journey blends yoga and inner discovery with the sensory experience of visual beauty, sumptuously healthy cuisine, cultural enrichment and outdoor adventure. We stay at boutique hotels and eco-villas, on yachts and at other equally creative venues. Each destination is carefully selected for its serene beauty, its gourmet food and marked out by a “magical something” in the atmosphere that opens hearts and inspires minds to see the world differently.